CloudDrive operations

Portworx when running in ASG mode provides a set of CLI commands to display the information about all EBS volumes and their attachment information.

Cloud Drive Help

# /opt/pwx/bin/pxctl clouddrive --help
   pxctl clouddrive - Manage cloud drives

   pxctl clouddrive command [command options] [arguments...]

     list, l       List all the cloud drives currently being used
     inspect, i    Inspect and view all the drives of a DriveSet

   --help, -h  show help

Note: Following commands are only available for PX version > 1.3

Listing all Cloud Drives

Run the following command to display all the cloud drives being used by Portworx.

# /opt/pwx/bin/pxctl clouddrive list

Cloud Drives Summary
        Number of nodes in the cluster:  3
        Number of drive sets in use:  3
        List of storage nodes:  [ip-172-20-52-178.ec2.internal ip-172-20-53-168.ec2.internal ip-172-20-33-108.ec2.internal]
        List of storage less nodes:  []

Drive Set List
        NodeIndex        NodeID                                InstanceID                Zone                Drive IDs
        0                ip-172-20-53-168.ec2.internal        i-0347f50a091716c66        us-east-1a        vol-0a3ff5863c7b2c2e4, vol-0f821f3e3a884e275
        1                ip-172-20-33-108.ec2.internal        i-089b22fc89bb11a92        us-east-1a        vol-048dd9c1fd5ed421d, vol-012a4ed30013590ef
        2                ip-172-20-52-178.ec2.internal        i-09169ceb37b251bac        us-east-1a        vol-0bd9aaab0fb615351, vol-0c9f027d111844227

Inspecting Cloud Drives

Run the following command to display more information about the drives attached on a node.

# /opt/pwx/bin/pxctl clouddrive inspect --nodeid ip-172-20-53-168.ec2.internal

Drive Set Configuration
        Number of drives in the Drive Set:  2
        NodeID:  ip-172-20-53-168.ec2.internal
        NodeIndex:  0
        InstanceID:  i-0347f50a091716c66
        Zone:  us-east-1a

        Drive  0
                ID:  vol-0a3ff5863c7b2c2e4
                Type:  io1
                Size:  16 Gi
                Iops:  100
                Path:  /dev/xvdf

        Drive  1
                ID:  vol-0f821f3e3a884e275
                Type:  gp2
                Size:  8 Gi
                Iops:  100
                Path:  /dev/xvdg