These steps shows you how you can quickly and easily deploy Portworx on AWS CloudFormation

Portworx has provided a CloudFormation stack, based on CoreOS 1235.4.0 (“Stable”) that will bring up a complete 3-node px-dev stack in less than 10 minutes.

This template includes the following to enable Portworx deployments:

  • An additional non-root device called “/dev/xvdb” for the global shared storage pool of configurable size
  • Opened ports for ‘etcd’, ‘ssh’, and ‘portworx’ management services (2379, 2380, 4001, 9001, 9002, 9003, 9004)

Configure and Launch the Portworx stack

Launch Stack

  • Click the “Launch Stack” button above. The Portworx Template is automatically loaded into CloudFormation. Click Next

    • If you are not able/authorized to create security groups, then use the CloudFormation template below instead and select a security group that allows access from all ports within the group:

Launch Stack

  • Pick a specific Name for the Stack. (default = PX-STACK)

  • Specify any restrictions on ssh access via “AllowSSHFrom” (default

  • Specify the Discovery URL. Copy the entire output string that is returned from

  • Select the instance type from the list (default type is ‘m3.medium’)

  • Select the volume size of the non-root volume, configurable from 8GB to 4TB (default size is 128 GB)

  • Select the name of your available key-pairs (assumed to be existing) You may see a message indicating AWS is “Unable to list IAM roles”, which can be safely ignored.

  • Create the stack and wait for completion. After the stack status is “CREATE COMPLETE”, it may still be 5 minutes before Portworx is available. You can use this script to query the instances IP address, via ssh -i pub.key core@IPaddr, where pub.key is the key selected from the Template drop-down and IPaddr is one of the addresses returned from the above script.

Next Steps

Go use containers that require data persistence, high-availability, snapshots and other container-granular services.

The Portworx CloudFormation Template is freely available and can be easily customized.