Configure Grafana

Start grafana with the follwing docker run command

docker run --restart=always --name grafana -d -p 3000:3000 grafana/grafana

Login to this grafana at http://<IP_ADDRESS>:3000 in your browser. Default grafana login is admin/admin.

Here, it will ask you to configure your datastore. We are going to be using prometheus that we configured earlier. To use the templates that are provided later, name your datastore ‘prometheus’.

In the screen below: 1) Choose ‘Prometheus’ from the ‘Type’ dropdown. 2) Name datastore ‘prometheus’ 3) Add URL of your prometheus UI under Http settings -> Url

Click on ‘Save & Test’

Grafana data store File

Next step would be to import Portworx provided Cluster and Volume grafana templates. If using PX 1.2.11, use Volume 1.2.11 grafana template.

From the dropdown on left in your grafana dashboard, go to Dashboards -> Import, and add cluster and volume template.

Your dashboard should look like the following.

Grafana Cluster Status File

Grafana Volume Status File

Cluster Template for Grafana

Use this template to display Portworx cluster details in Grafana

Volume Template for Grafana

Use this template to display Portworx volume details in Grafana