This guide will give you an overview of how to use Encryption feature for Portworx volumes. Under the hood Portworx uses libgcrypt library to interface with the dm-crypt module for creating, accessing and managing encrypted devices. Portworx uses the LUKS format of dm-crypt and AES-256 as the cipher with xts-plain64 as the cipher mode.

Portworx has two different kinds of encrypted volumes

  • Encrypted Volumes

Encrypted volumes are regular volumes which can be accessed from only one node.

  • Encrypted Shared Volumes

Encrypted shared volume allows access to the same encrypted volume from multiple nodes.

All the encrypted volumes are protected by a passphrase. Portworx uses the passphrase to encrypt/decrypt the volumes. It is recommended to store these passphrases in a secure secret store. To know more about the supported secret providers and how to configure them with Portworx, refer to the Setup Secrets Provider guide.

Based on your configured secret provider select one of the following volume encryption guides:

Kubernetes Secrets

  1. Encryption using StorageClass
  2. Encryption using PVC


Encrypting PVCs with Vault


Encrypting PVCs with AWS KMS

IBM Key Protect

Encrypting PVCs with IBM Key Protect