Kubernetes on DC/OS with Portworx is only supported from PX version 1.4 onwards

Please make sure you have installed Portworx on DCOS before proceeding further.

The latest framework starts Portworx with scheduler set to mesos (-x mesos option) to allow Portworx to mount volumes for Kubernetes pods. If you are using an older version of the framework please update /etc/pwx/config.json to set scheduler to mesos.

Install dependencies

When using Kubernetes on DC/OS you will be able to use Portworx from your DC/OS cluster. You only need to create a Kubernetes Service and proxy pods for Portworx to allow the in-tree Kubernetes volume plugin to dynamically create and use Portworx volumes. This will also install Stork.

You can create the Service by running the following command:

$ version=$(kubectl version --short | awk -Fv '/Server Version: / {print $3}')
$ kubectl apply -f "${version}&dcos=true&stork=true"

Provisioning volumes

After the above spec has been applied, you can create volumes and snapshots using Kuberenetes. Please use the following guides: