This guide walks through upgrading Portworx deployed on DCOS through the framework available in the DCOS catalog. If you are using a Portworx framework version older than 1.2*, refer this guide to perform the Portworx upgrade.

Update the Portworx image from UI

The Portworx image to be used on each node is specified by the config variable portworx image under node section. To upgrade to a newer version, you just need to update this field to the desired version. For example, if you want to upgrade to v1.3.1.4 you would set this to portworx/px-enterprise:

Portworx image option

Update the Portworx image using DCOS CLI

If you want to update Portworx using the DCOS CLI instead of the UI, you can perform the following steps:

dcos portworx describe | \
  jq '.node.portworx_image="portworx/px-enterprise:"' > \

dcos portworx update start --options=new-options.json

Now wait for the portworx install tasks to go to COMPLETE state on all the agents

dcos portworx --name=portworx update status
deploy (serial strategy) (COMPLETE)
└─ portworx-install (serial strategy) (COMPLETE)
   ├─ portworx-0:[install] (COMPLETE)
   ├─ portworx-1:[install] (COMPLETE)
   ├─ portworx-2:[install] (COMPLETE)
   ├─ portworx-3:[install] (COMPLETE)
   └─ portworx-4:[install] (COMPLETE)

At this point your Portworx cluster should be upgraded to the specified version.