Portworx is a Microsoft Logo Microsoft SQL Server high availability partner

In this five-minute hands-on video, you’ll learn how simple it is to run Microsoft SQL Server in Kubernetes with Portworx. You’ll see how to achieve database reliability, recoverability, and high availability without having to configure multiple clustered SQL Server instances.

Microsoft SQL Server is widely regarded as the gold standard for Enterprise database service. And the docker version of MS SQL Server is the most significant indication how just how important Microsoft views containers. Yet some of the hardest problems to solve for containers have been high-availability, data persistence, and data recoverability. Prior to Portworx, customers have had to configure SQL Server in clustered mode with multiple nodes. Now with Kubernetes, Portworx and Microsoft — Enterprises can use MS SQL and achieve high-availability without having to configure multiple SQL Server instances in clustered or hot-standby mode.

Running Microsoft SQL Server with Portworx on Kubernetes 28 July 2017

Here is a short video that shows how SQL Server, Kubernetes and Portworx can provide the high-availability

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Here is the documentation allowing you to try this out yourself : Microsoft SQL Server Database on Portworx