Portworx is a Microsoft Logo Microsoft SQL Server high availability partner

In this five-minute hands-on video, you’ll learn how simple it is to run Microsoft SQL Server in containers with Portworx. For the first time, you’ll get the availability, durability, and recoverability that enterprises expect when running containerized SQL.

Microsoft SQL Server is widely regarded as the gold standard for Enterprise database service. And the docker version of MS SQL Server is the most significant indication how just how important Microsoft views containers. Yet the hardest problem to solve for containers has been data persistence, data availability, and data durability.
Prior to Portworx, there has been no reliable way to make these important data guarantees.
Now with Portworx and Microsoft — Enterprises can use MS SQL with Docker — with data persistence, recoverability, durability and high availability.

Running Microsoft SQL Server on Portworx 17 June 2017

Here is a short video that shows how SQL Server on Portworx can provide the high-availability and recoverability

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Here is the documentation allowing you to try this out yourself : Microsoft SQL Server Database on Portworx